Strathearn Park Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy at Strathearn Park


  • Tours will not take place if it has rained heavily in the previous several hours and there are puddles of water and mud on the ground.
  • If according to (on website) the chance of rain is 90% or greater at the time that the tour is to take place, there will be no tour.
  • If it is actively raining (more than a drizzle) there will be no tour.  Volunteers or staff will make the determination whether the Park will be opened.
  • If it is determined that the tours will NOT take place, the Visitors Center may still be opened at the discretion of the volunteers.
  • If it is raining heavily, or there is considerable mud on the ground which poses a hazard, volunteers or staff may decide to close the Park.

Hot Weather Conditions:

  • Because there is no air conditioning in the buildings, tours will not take place if according to the temperature is 95 degrees or hotter.
  • The Visitors Center will still be opened in hot weather.

Windy Conditions/Fire in Close Proximity:

  • If there is extreme wind or there is a fire in close proximity, and volunteers or staff determines that conditions pose a hazard, they may decide to close the Park.

Please call the Park at 805 526-6453 to check if there will be a tour if you suspect they may be canceled due to inclement weather!