Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District Filming Info

Guidelines Regarding Filming and Photographing at Strathearn Historical Park

Filming:  All people looking to film for commercial purposes need to obtain permits.  This includes college students working on projects.  Anyone wanting to photograph for commercial purposes also needs to obtain a permit from the Park District. You can obtain information about permits by calling or emailing:

Nikki Davy – Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District

805 584-4415


Note:  Interior filming/photographing for commercial purposes is not allowed, even with a permit.  The only exceptions are the Church Building and the Barn.


This park is very popular with photographers.  They often use the park as a back drop for their photos.  Photographers wanting to use the park as a backdrop to photograph portraits, engagement photos, children’s photos, etc. MAY use the park without a permit as long as:

  1. They shoot within the Park’s open hours. Accommodations will not be made to open the Park early or stay late (a permit may be obtained to shoot while the park is closed to the public)
  2. They do not drive onsite.
  3. Their camera equipment does not get in the way of Park guests or tours, and does not create a hazard.
  4. Their activities do not interfere with tours or other visitors.
  5. They do not ask docents to open a building for them for the purpose of photographing. The only exception to the ‘no interior’ shooting is an event like History Day, Civil War Encampment or the Holiday Open House when the buildings are open with docents inside. In this case photos may be taken (for non-commercial purposes) as long as it does not interfere with other visitors.

The above apply to a photographer with a single client/family, not a series of appointments over a long period of time.  A professional photographer shooting multiple clients over an extended period of time would be considered commercial, and would require a permit. 

Hobby groups such as photography clubs may come onsite and shoot as long as they abide by the same guidelines.

We reserve the right to ask an individual to stop photographing if we feel it is to the detriment of other Park visitors, or docents conducting tours.

We reserve the right to ask an individual to stop photographing if the Park is rented for a special event such as a wedding.  These are common every Saturday from February through the first two weeks of October.  Please call 805 526-6453 or email simimuseum@sbcglobal.net if you’d like to see if there will be a special event on a specific day.

Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District Filming Info