Timeline of Strathearn Park

1776 Juan Bautista de Anza Expedition to settle Alta California
Santiago Pico and family were with Anza

1795 El Rancho Simi Grant (concession) to Santiago Pico from King of Spain
Casa Vieja built in center of valley

c. 1810 Simi Adobe site probably began to develop

c. 1820-1830 Tapo Rancho – dwellings likely built there

c. 1831 Jose de la Guerra acquired El Rancho Simi

1858 Francisco de la Guerra lived at Simi Adobe

1860s Basque sheepherders lived in Simi Adobe

1888 Simi Landand Water Company formed – land offered for sale

c. 1889 Robert P. Strathearn purchased property

1892-1893 Strathearn House added on to old Simi Adobe

1890s to 1960sCattle ranching and farming carried on by Strathearns
Simi Adobe site was “Home Ranch”
Middle Ranch was in vicinity of present-day Moorpark College

(After 1906) fire which destroyed north room of Adobe
(1997 W & S Consultants believe, due to artifacts found in study in 1997)

1902 Church built at 3rd and Pacific

1910 Church became St Rose of Lima

1968 Marion and Isa Strathearn died. They had lived out their lives at the old Home Ranch. (Dave and his 2 sons also died)

1969 Agreement to joint administration of this historic site by Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District and Simi Valley Historical Society.

1970 Moved Colony House to historical park from Second and Ashland

1971 Moved Simi Library Building from Third and Los Angeles Ave. (next to Simi School)

1982-1983 Relocated and fixed up Wood Ranch Barns

1993 Moved VisitorCenter Building from City

2000, May Moved Montgomery Playhouse from Erringer and Cochran

2000 Moved Currier Apricot Pittng Shed from Royal Ave.

2002 Moved St Rose Church from Third and Pacific

2004, June Purchase of Mt McCoy Cross by Historical Museum

2007 Restoration of StRose Church completed

2007 Moved Manuel Banaga Barbershop from Los Angeles Ave between 3rd and 4th Streets

2012 Restoration of Manual Banaga Barbershop complete